Mission & Vision

SWAAN slogan: ‘Collective effort towards sustainable aquaculture’ 


Vision: SWAAN aspires to become a national benchmark in knowledge dissemination and a catalyst for sustainable development of aquaculture and fisheries.


Mission: Contribute to the sustainable and equitable development of aquaculture and fisheries in South West and other regions of Bangladesh through expert networking, stakeholders’ engagement and knowledge application.


Governing principles:

  • SWAAN commits to ensure sustainable development of aquaculture and fisheries in the economic, social and environmental dimensions through demand led research, advocacy, solidarity and action.
  • SWAAN believes in inter and trans disciplinary action research based on equity, ownership, and participation as the key tools for harnessing knowledge and providing insight into complex development issues within and across the sector.
  • SWAAN upholds the core values of freedom of expression, transparency, gender equity, professional integrity and remains open to other relevant networking initiatives for inclusive and transformative growth of aquaculture and fisheries sector of the country.


Objectives of SWAAN Foundation


  1. To devote for sustainable fisheries resources development through network building and cooperation among fisheries expertise, fisheries institutes and stakeholders of southwest Bangladesh;


  1. To encourge expertise for translating knowledge and innovation into practice by acceletering cooperation that could lead to demonstarble changes in the aquaculture sector of the southwest in particular and the country in general;


  1. To motivate and inspire the national and international organizations, development partners and funding agencies to mobilize resources for climate resilient inclusive development through judicious management of the aquatic resources of the southwest.


Activities of SWAAN Foundation


SWAAN will put in concerted efforts to implement the following activities to achieve the mission and vision of the foundation through successful implementation of the aforementioned objectives.


  1. Development of innovative technology in aquaculture to address issues related to quality seed, quality feed and disease prevention of fish, shrimp and other commercially important aquatic animals and disseminate the research findings to the relevant stakeholders;


  1. Conduct training with national and international expertise for coastal fish farmers to improve their socioeconomic condition by means of production enhancement and proper marketing management;


  1. Provide technical consultancy support to programs and projects of national and international organizations involved in fisheries sector in areas related to fish/shrimp seeds, feeds and diseases and other development issues;


  1. Ensure sustainable devleopment of fisheries through promotion and establishment of ICT based digital technology in the aquaculture and fisheries sector;


  1. Develop field level testing facilities for soil, water and fish/shrimp seeds and assist farmers for routine testing of the samples in laboratories;


  1. Facilitate stakeholders’ dialogue and consensus building on key policy issues related to aquaculture development of the country and make necessary recommendations and advocacy to the government;


  1. Address prevailing and new development challenges of shrimp industries through research collaboration at national and international levels and application of research findings at field level on a sustainable basis;


  1. Promote integration of women-led homestead based other agricultural activities with shrimp culture in the coastal area through better water management while ensuring the protection of water, soil, environment and the biodiversity;


  1. Facilitate activities of Department of Fisheries to produce safe fish and fisheries products and act as a catalyst to earn recognition on Bangladesh’s capabilities in this regards from international organizations;


  1. Work on development and expansion of climate adaptive technology/management following the impacts analysis of climate changes on fish, shrimp and aquatic biodiversity in Bangladesh;


  1. Implement projects for socioeconomic improvement of coastal fishermen community through climate resilience inclusive development and judicious extraction of natural resources including aquatic resources of the Sundarbans;


  1. Support government initiatives towards blue economy policy and program design in a way so that the coastal community remains at the center of any such development projects;


  1. Organize dialogues, workshops, meetings, seminars among professionals and publish various documents relevant to the development of the aquaculture and fisheries sector of southwest Bangladesh.